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How To Sell More With Video Shopping, with Claudiu Cioba

Episode Summary

Video is the future for ecommerce brands. Video can be used in various ways to improve the customer experience, from driving engagement, conversion, and product adoption. Claudiu Cioba, Founder of VideoWise, shares strategies on how to get more ecommerce sales from video. 3 ways that he discusses in this conversation: - Product presentation - Far more dynamic and engaging than a static image on a product description page, a video can bring a product to life in a short amount of time. - Proactively answer customer objection - Customers have questions that they want to research and answer before a purchase. Video can quickly answer these, especially when presented by other customers or influencers - Product Education - Video can show a “how-to” of using a product, whcih ultimately translates to happier customers and higher likelihood of repeat purchases. Video is deeply embedded in the future of ecommerce, and Claudiu is busy building that with VideoWise. Listen in for strategies on leveraging user generated content, and using video to engage customers and generate revenue.

Episode Notes


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0:43 - Why video is critical on the Product Description Page

16:15-  How to use creative constraints to your advantage

18:55 - How to provide the right guidelines to video influencers to get the ideal outcome from their video 

24:05 - How to capture instant attention in the first two frames of a video

27:37 - What analytics you need to be aware of with video and ecommerce

35:41 - The #1 most actionable thing to remember when using video for marketing